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There can be no doubting the scene of this world is rapidly changing and not for the better. Creative musicians are struggling against a barrage of attacks from free streaming services, digital piracy, media exploitation and a growing sense of "entitlement". Yes, our productivity has been devalued to a point where people expect to get whatever they want, whenever they want without any notion that they should have to pay for it!

This environment has made a career in music unsustainable for all but the most privileged of celebrity artists who dominate the market place much to the chagrin of independent lesser known sub-genre creatives of which I find myself.

The expectation that we should be willing to give away all that we have dedicated a lifetime to produce in return for views and social media 'Likes' is quiet simply nonsensical! Exposure and indeed over-exposure, instant accessibility and a saturated market place is harming the musician and devaluing our product to a point where we are rapidly becoming the most undervalued of all those one or two celebrity mega-stars that soak up the bulk of available resources!

With album sales and other potential returns at an all-time low I personally now find myself faced with a dilemma over my future existence as a composer and creator. An artist specialising in music of a sub-genre nature can never expect to gain the same returns as one producing mainstream pop-fodder. Ultimately we suffer for the integrity our art! This is where you, the informed appreciative listener can make a difference.

There are many for whom £15.99 for a CD is a small price to pay in order to help assure their favourite artist's creative longevity. Others may be in a less privileged position and unable to pay even the modest asking price of an album...and for those I am happy to continue to make my music available freely via the vast plethora of streaming and download services available today.

So what I am proposing is an equalising! That is, if you can afford it and are willing to pay a little more in support of a dying breed of original creative artists then I am allowing and even encouraging you to do so via the donate button above. If you genuinely can not afford to donate then have my blessing to continue to enjoy my music freely as it is my desire that as many as possible get to enjoy what I have dedicated so much of my life into producing.

This is not a frivolous attempt to beg for contributions as such but with many artists now resorting to crowd-funding campaigns and the like, something I so far have managed to avoid, it seems appropriate to offer this opportunity to those who who feel compelled and are in a position to help support the continuation of my musical creativity.

You can be assured of my most grateful appreciation for any and every donation I receive in the knowledge that all funds will be channelled back into future musical projects that I will endeavour to continue to share with the world!


Donations are in multiples of £10. All payment cards are accepted and you won't require a PayPal account.

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