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There can be no doubting the scene of the music world is rapidly changing and not always for the better I hasten add. Musicians are struggling against a barrage of attacks from the very industry that should be their food source, devaluing their time, energy and skills to a point where it has become unsustainable for all but the most privileged of celebrity artists…who dominate the market place at the expense of independent and lesser known sub-genre music creators.

What exactly am I saying? Well there was a time when the industry would promote and support a whole host of artists with equal favour and in turn they would be able to enjoy a sustainable living. Now it seems it is more cost effective for the industry to concentrate all their time and expenditure on just a chosen few who then will naturally prosper to a point of mega-stardom soaking up all the resources that could have been shared equally among a far greater number.

To give a simple mathematical analogy. The likes of Adele due to all the hype and promotion received may sell 5,000 0000 CD’s in a week. So one single artist has a market share of 5 million sales which is the equivalent of say 1000 artists achieving 5000 sales each!  Which I ask you is better for the industry? This offers little hope for choice in the future with only one or two artists promoted in stores and via the media there is only ever one choice for the public! If this situation isn't addressed then there won’t be the thousand anymore, they will simply disappear as their waters dry up. Sadly this is inevitable on account that the economics of marketing just one artist to achieve "mega-stardom" is  far more cost-effective then trying to market 'the thousand'.

So….in conclusion I propose an equalising. For musicians like myself we are under so much pressure to give all of our creativity away free of charge in return for "likes" and "thumbs up" which sadly do not pay the bills! From our recorded works to our knowledge and know-how right up to even our live performances…after all it’s exposure and all exposure is good right? Wrong! Exposure and over-exposure is harming music and devaluing not only our productivity but our very being as musicians. We are rapidly become the most undervalued of all those one or two celebrity Mega-stars! This is where you, the informed appreciative listener can make a difference!

When an artist sells a cd we can only do so for a pretty standard regulated amount and not what we may consider it is worth. An artist specialising in music of a sub-genre nature can never hope to gain the same returns as one producing mainstream media-fodder. Ultimately we suffer for our art!

I personally now find myself faced with a dilema over my future as a composer and creator as the returns are not commensurate with the time and expense invested. Yet there are many for whome £15.99 for a CD is nothing…many very wealthy people who could probably afford and may even be willing to pay more in order to help keep their favourite artists going. Others may be in a less privileged position and unable to pay even the £15.99 and for those I am happy to continue to make my music available freely via the plethora of streaming and download services available today.

So what I am proposing is an equalising! That is that if you can afford it and are willing to pay a little more in support of a dying breed of original artists then I am allowing and even encouraging you to do so via the donate button below. If you genuinely can’t afford anything then please you have my blessing to continue to enjoy my music freely as you will be subsidised by those who can as it is my desire that as many as possible get to enjoy what I have dedicated so much of my life into producing. This is not a frivolous attempt to beg for funds as such but many artists resort to crowd-funding campaigns and the like which so far I have managed to avoid, but with the future of  my creativity now in jeopardy I feel compelled to see what support there is out there for me to continue writing and performing the music I love to create.

You can be assured of my most grateful appreciation for any and every donation I receive in the knowledge that all funds will be channelled back into future musical productivity!


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